Pragmatic Patterns For Maintainable React Apps
Steven Hicks
Are you building a React app, but struggling to navigate the existing code? Do you find yourself spending too much time trying to understand what you wrote barely a month ago? Do you lose sleep thinking about that nasty 400-line component that no one wants to touch?

This session will help you tidy up your codebase. We’ll cover a variety of simple patterns and practices for improving the maintainability of your React app. Some questions we’ll answer:

* What features from ES6+ help improve readability?
* How can packing a suitcase help us organize our code better?
* What is the “Ducks” pattern?
* What can we learn about React components from a puzzleball that I once got out of a 25 cent vending machine?

With the answers to these questions and more, you’ll leave with ideas on how to make your React codebase more livable.