What type of sessions are accepted or are you to expect?

A Code Camp is completely community driven. All topics (all technologies, languages, stacks, focuses, etc.) are welcome for submission. We encourage diversity and fostering interesting conversations. We are not focused specifically on one thing or another, but we are limited by what kind of submissions come in from the community. You have the power to shape how each year looks!

Can I sign up for a specific session?

Not online. Sessions are first come first serve. Just show up. If your session is full, consider another session, or even take a break to talk with the sponsors or other people.

Will there be breakfast?

A light breakfast (with coffee and orange juice) will be available.

Will there be lunch provided?

Yes! Sandwiches will be catered for lunch.

Do I need to bring anything with me to participate at the sessions?

Maybe. Please review the sessions you're planning on attending for more guidance on whether a laptop will be used for the presentation. We won't be providing any computers during the conference.

Is there going to be free parking available?

Yes! There is plenty of parking spots available.

What can I expect on the day of the event?

You can look at the Schedule page for previous years to see what the overall day will be like.

We start registration within the hour before the first session, you'll need to stop by our registration table so we can check you in. This is important for lunch and accountability. In order to have a safe event for everyone we need to have a good idea of who is actually there.

Once you're checked in then take some time to chat and maybe grab a cup of coffee while you mosey on over to the first session of the day. NEWCC is a multi-track event so there it's going to be impossible to catch everything. We encourage everyone to review the schedule and pick the sessions that interest them the most. If there's a topic you've never seen before this might be a good opportunity to get some exposure to those as well.

After the second session we'll bring in lunch. Grab your sandwich, find a group and get to know each other. This is a great opportunity to network with developers. Maybe stop by one of the sponsor's tables and check them out. After all, they are the ones that make this event possible!

After lunch we resume sessions. If you bring food with you into the rooms PLEASE be kind and clean up after yourself. To be good guests in the facility we need to leave the place clean! We are our own cleaning crew.

At the end of the sessions we'll gather for a sponsor give-away and final words. This is another reason registration is important. We base the raffle off the registered attendee list.

About a Code Camp

  1. By and For the Developer Community
  2. Always Free
  3. No Fluff – as in no Sales Pitch sessions
  4. Community Ownership
  5. Never occur during work hours

The Volunteer Team

  1. Greg Levenhagen - President
  2. Carl Schweitzer
  3. Jon Cwiak
  4. Mike Erdahl
  5. Jessica Hall